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Greetings from Gavin Lunny
Naas Golf Club - PGA Golf Professional

Custom Fitting is a term used to describe the process of fitting golfers for suitable clubs that help them to get the most from their game. For some of you it is a well understood experience, but despite all the exposure to this concept many golfers are still using clubs that are not suitable or they could be using technology that could enhance what they are already doing very well. For those of you who have not had the experience or do not fully understand what is involved, here is some information that you may find useful and may trigger some valuable food for thought.

In terms of your irons, I try firstly to establish the correct lie angle and length of your clubs. Why? The length and lie angle of your clubs will largely determine how you create your posture to the ball which is fundamental to establishing good balance, a key component of swinging correctly. Swinging correctly does not mean having a perfect swing, it simply means that good balance helps in allowing you to return the club to the ball with a repeatable motion. 

The next step is then to find a shaft with the correct flex and weight. The shaft is your connection between your hands and the club head so it is very important. As a general rule faster swingers will require stiffer, heavier shafts and visa versa. This is not ALWAYS the case, but knowing when NOT to apply that simple logic is something I have learned through many years of teaching and understanding swing geometry.

One of the great things about my TrackMan software is that the client does not have to rely solely on my recommendation, the numbers that show the performance of one shaft over the other and will confirm the direction we take.

The grip thickness is again a vital component. Hand size, speed and a golfers shot shape will all have an influence in what size of grip is ideal. The advertising slogan says, "fresh grips are worth two shots per round". How do we measure that? I don't know but I do know how detrimental it is to use the incorrect size of grip and or worn grips. If you make no other change to your clubs this winter but put fresh, correctly sized grips on your clubs, you will hit better shots for sure.

Finally, what head type is best. I asked Bill Isiri who is one of the top fitters at PING what is the best answer to this question and his answer was simple, "ask them what head looks most appealing"! Yes, I, like you was initially surprised by that answer but in truth it is the correct one. We can apply all the technology we want but ultimately the golfer MUST enjoy looking down at a club head which is appealing to the eye and instills confidence, nothing is more important than confidence.

Of course there are certain club heads that are recommended over others but ultimately this decision is for the golfer him or herself to decide. The other specifications are a measuring process and that is where I come in but I will never try to push a golfer in to a club head they do not like. That said, some clients are purely performance orientated and do not specify a liking for one club head over another, they are influenced by the numbers and nothing else.

There is NO right answer on this but I try to spend time talking through this and most often we come up with the best option.

At the very least you should look at booking a fitting assessment for your entire set. The cost for this is €90 and the process takes 60-90 minutes. In the event of you purchasing a club or a set of irons etc that fee will go against that cost.

If you only require a fitting for a single club or a set of irons the cost is €65 and I allow 45-60 minutes for this process. Again the fee will be offset against the price of any purchase

Click here if you would be interested in booking a fitting in with me.

Next week I will discuss driver fittings. This is where technology gets really interesting as the sheer mass of a driver head allows brands to apply a lot of influence in what the ball does.....and not all of it is positive unless you have the information required to make the best decision! 

Chat to you next week!

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying this great spell of weather, playing lots of golf and enjoying the fine evenings.
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