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Greetings from Gavin Lunny
Naas Golf Club - PGA Golf Professional

Change! The word that send the fear of God in to many of us! However, when it comes to playing better golf we have to be open to doing things differently if we want to improve. It doesn't have to be painful or dramatic, and as we all know, the best solutions are the simple ones. Uncomplicated and easy to apply.

This is always a busy time for us as golfers get back to practising, taking lessons and looking towards having a successful summer of golf. Some recent lessons have given me great satisfaction, particularly where golfers may never have taken a lesson before and perhaps did not believe that they, as golfers could be helped. "You cant teach an old dog new tricks", "Im at this so long now I'll never change", "My old driver still goes as far and as straight as any of the new models, sure what difference would it make to my game". Im happy the way I am".

Everyone enjoys better golf I don't care what level you play to, we all take pleasure from a good shot or a good putt when we need it so why not strive to do these things more often? I was reading an article by Karl Morris this week and I though it would be worth copying some of the article to this newsletter as he talks about the science behind "change" and how it contradicts many of the old thoughts on how we evolve.

'Old dogs and new trick' by Karl Morris

It is very easy to buy in to the story that you are too old to change and that your game must inevitably sink in to mediocrity as you get older. Well, science is now telling us that isn't true at all. If you had a group of neuroscientists sat in a conference thirty years ago the consensus would be that once you reached a certain age your brain was pretty much fixed and if anything would start to deteriorate.

The same conference today would have a very different set of conclusions and the concept of neuro plasticity would be high on the agenda. Brain plasticity refers to the brains ability to change throughout life. The brain has an amazing ability to reorganise itself by forming new connections between brain cells.

The environment and the actions of that person play a key role in brain plasticity. So the message is clear, we CAN change our brain. Literally the structure of our brain will change as a result of learning new skills, changing habits, being in new environments, that is why the game of golf can be so important as we get keep challenging the brain!

Taking lessons is worthwhile no matter what age you are. By aiming to improve your shortgame, shaping the ball, a new routine on the greens, you are doing your brain the WORLD of good. The consequence of "brain plasticity" makes a mockery of the "old dog new tricks" theory.

I think there is something on that article for us all to learn from and I though it would be worth sharing as we are never to old or too young to learn.

Click here if you would be interested in booking a lesson with me.

I hope you enjoyed the reading the articles, and that you have a great weekend.
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