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Greetings from Gavin Lunny
Naas Golf Club - PGA Golf Professional

It's another busy weekend in store, with our Ladies Challenge and Junior Cup teams in action and the men's intermediate and minor scratch cups on Sunday. On Monday we host the Kildare Boys Championship and best of luck to everyone involved! Well done also to the South Leinster Team who won last week, another Naas team going well this summer! 

Well done to Conor O'Rourke who won 4/6 points at the interprovincials and played a huge part of Leinsters victory. Well done also to Anne McCormack who is representing Connaught this week in the Ladies Interprovincials and to Jack Hume who is representing Ireland at the European Championships. 

Over the past few weeks I have mentioned the importance of  "how" you practise and the importance of challenging yourself in order to get better. Many golfers simply play out of habit rather than seeing each shot as a new challenge with questions to answer such as, how far do I have, where do I want the ball to go, where is the wind coming from, what club will I use?? I find that many golfers do not understand how to aim the club face correctly. 

You would think that this is a simple procedure but I hear things like, "I aim my shoulders at the target", "I aim my feet at the target"....both of which are incorrect and one of the main reasons why golfers find aiming so difficult. It's hard to believe that in a sport like golf part of which is based on hitting the ball accurately over long distances, that aiming the club face correctly is so overlooked! We get very caught up in analysing our swings and trying to find magical ways of improving our golf but if we just focused on learning the simple things correctly we would be better able to take what we have and play better.

I know it sounds incredibly simple but let me ask you this question, would you be able to explain to another golfer how to aim the club face and their body for a straight shot? I have asked golfers who have played for many years and I have found that they assume rather than know how to do this. Even if you can, how confident are you that you follow your own advise....on every shot? Alignment is not something you feel it is an accurate but simple process that is either done correctly or it is not. 

Think of it this way... a ball struck using the perfect swing with a perfect strike travelling the perfect distance but where the alignment is off......does not find its target! Food for though I hope, but aiming correctly is one of the easiest ways to improve your golf.

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I hope you enjoyed the reading the articles, and that you have a great weekend.
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